Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The First Southwest Delivery Update

Upon receiving preview copies of The First Southwest we found the laminate on the front cover distorted the image of the beautiful art work David Wright created. Based on the quality standards of our previous books and your expectations, we made the decision to reprint the cover of the entire print run. This major change slowed the shipment of the books by about four weeks.

At this time we are expecting the books to arrive next week (the week of October 22).

Here is our plan based on that arrival:

We will have several hundred books available for our major book signing at the Gallatin Public Library on Saturday October 27.  Those who have ordered books and are able to attend the signing and sale, will be able to pick up their books and we would be available to sign as we originally planned.  We will also have an ample supply for those wishing to purchase books at the event.

We will ship the remaining book orders from the warehouse on October 29th. Not the schedule we wanted but we will still be within our goal of shipment in the month of October.

We are pleased to report that we are again being given prime coverage in the November issue of the CEMC Tennessee Magazine. We have seen preliminary copy of the article and these folks continue to do amazing work with their magazine.

Thanks for your understanding in working through this delay. 

Jack Masters, Bill Puryear & Steve Giddens

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